define success.

Revitalize business
with Brand First.

Many people believe that once they have a logo and place it on everything, from business cards to coffee mugs, they’ve branded. That is far from the truth.

Essentially, what you’ve done is labeled things, “MINE.” Until your audience knows what “MINE” means, you really haven’t branded at all.

Add to that, the fact that most modern-day logos are non-descript about the company they represent and you’re indeed facing an uphill battle.

So, what do you do?

Actively begin to define the meaning behind this label you’ve peppered throughout your communications. This is branding. Better still, integrate that meaning into every aspect of your business and enforce values of integrity and trust as an added bonus.

In this ever-increasing DIY climate, more and more business owners seek self-managed solutions to cut down on costs. Without a clear guide for brand management, dilution and even confusion of the brand is likely.

Brand First was developed to lead the business owner through an integrated branding process. The resulting Brand Authority Guide, or BAG, will be a reference for future brand decisions. It’s detailed nature will allow you to keep all of your service providers operating from the same place, while working towards a common goal.

What to expect:

  • Integrate using the brand matrix framework.
  • Define your unique selling proposition, or Linchpin.
  • Craft your message via the Bullhorn.
  • Outline logo guidelines and specifications.
  • Identify and optimize your target market with the Excavator.
  • Align your processes to your brand promise and core values using the Track.
  • Determine Key Performance Indicators to measure brand impact.

Define your success with a fresh approach to branding. Make your marketing more clear, consistent and cohesive than ever before.

Next time you make your mark,
make it and mean something.

If you’re still unsure of what your business needs, try the Help My Biz Quiz to diagnose your symptoms.



 * Learn how to build a better brand.

* Identify existing gaps & shortfalls.

* Repair faulty frameworks.

* Stand out with distinction.

* Gain a competitive edge.