sell more.

Uncover benefits
with the excavator.

On the one hand, the phone is just not ringing. On the other hand, it rings but you just can’t seem to close the deal.

Which hand are you?

Both of these scenarios are plagued by the same problem…you’re selling the features instead of the benefits.

Imagine, you’re about to renovate your basement. One contractor shows you pictures of other beautiful basements and tells you a price. The second contractor shows you a bare basement primed for development and says,”Your project is a clean slate. We’ll give you what you want without the hassle.” Their price is higher but somehow still more appealing.

Why, you wonder?

Because everyone knows renovations are a nightmare. The promise of getting what you want without a hassle is extremely appealing. You’ll pay extra to have a worry-free experience. Now all they need to do is live up to that promise.

That is the essence of selling benefits. You’re speaking to the client’s internal value system and making promises you CAN deliver.

The Excavator helps you determine the benefits you have to offer, matches them to specific values held by your target market and lays the groundwork for your next compelling offer.

The result is optimized marketing and sales figures on the rise.

It’s time to uncover your benefits and increase your value.


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Although available independently, the Excavator is just one part of a larger process used to define the success of your overall brand. Brand First incorporates the Linchpin, the Excavator, the Bullhorn and the Track, along with other detailed pursuits to reshape your business. The bonus Brand Authority Guide, or BAG, will act as a living reference document to guide future business decisions.



 * Learn how to build a better brand.

* Identify existing gaps & shortfalls.

* Repair faulty frameworks.

* Stand out with distinction.

* Gain a competitive edge.