stand out.

Distinguish differences
with the Linchpin.

How many times have you heard all so-and-so’s [insert profession here] are alike? It’s not only annoying but frustrating because you know it’s not true.

You’ve spent years acquiring the necessary skills to do what you do. The little extras you throw in are like no other.

Sadly, you’re not getting the credit you deserve. In fact, you experience regular resistance to your prices. If any of this sounds like you, you’re in need of the Linchpin.

The Linchpin is designed to help you uncover your x-factor in what and how you do business. It’s about differentiating yourself from your competition. Staking claim to why you’re unique and then making it known. All great brands are built around this and it will give you a leg up on your competition. Get ready to stand out with the Linchpin.

Get noticed for the value you add to every Equation.

Not quite sure this is what you need? Try the Help My Biz Quiz to diagnose your symptoms.

Although available independently, the Linchpin is just one part of a larger process used to define the success of your overall brand. Brand First incorporates the Linchpin, the Excavator, the Bullhorn and the Track, along with other detailed pursuits to reshape your business. The bonus Brand Authority Guide, or BAG, will act as a living reference document to guide future business decisions.



 * Learn how to build a better brand.

* Identify existing gaps & shortfalls.

* Repair faulty frameworks.

* Stand out with distinction.

* Gain a competitive edge.